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The real costs of inadequate leadership

A new report demonstrates something we have known for a long time: people leave employment due to bad management and leadership, not because they want more money.

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Acorn Coaching believes everyone deserves to achieve their potential. Why this one is special.

Acorn’s Keith and Claire Longney and their daughter Pippa come together with two other families to sponsor Zambian student Isaac Nkhata through university.

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​These shoes have done 16,500 miles - and why that’s not surprising.

When I got the chance to work in India, the first thing that struck me, before I even had a visa or a plane ticket, was a deluge of cautionary advice.

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Major multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer enlists Acorn.

A major multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer has enlisted Acorn to support staff at a plant near Mumbai in India. The plant is making drugs for a World Health Organisation initiative to control elephantiasis, a tropical disease which threatens nearly 1.4 billion people with 120 million currently infected and about 40 million disfigured and incapacitated

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Leadership the Royal Navy Way

A new handbook on leadership produced for the Royal Navy has valuable lessons for business in the way cheerfulness, positive thinking and other ‘soft skills’ can help effective team management.

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Musings from Dubai

Acorn's Keith Longney has been working in Dubai every couple of months over the last year, assisting Hill International, one of the top international construction management companies.

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Ignore the Net Generation at your Peril

For businesses to survive and thrive, it's essential to keep a flow of new graduates and fresh young talent coming into the workplace, yet the number of new graduates being employed continues to drop year on year.

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